Saturday, June 5, 2010

Who is the Best?

I am the best. FarmWife told me so.

It's a busy day in Wickersham: Sunshine shining, mechanics mechanicking (there is hope for the terminally ill Volvo Hay Mother!), weedwhackers weedwhacking, players playing, muckers mucking, gardeners gardening, cluckers clucking, farmers farming, and above all me, the Maven of Muleness, Muling about the place in all of my majestic grace.

Now, pardon me while I bask in this strange heavenly glow and enjoy renewed freedom to roam about in the verdant grasses. Our dear yellow orb was gone awhile, and I'm oh-so-glad it's back.



  1. Yes, I too was hooked with FarmWife singing the ditty... oh, and with the cloppity percussion in the background of course.

  2. We must ask FarmWife to sing for you again. This week we will compose a masterpiece!


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