Thursday, June 3, 2010

More to follow, but for now . . .

 . . . what do you think of this housing development name?

I guess, from a marketing perspective, that it beats "Environmental Devastation" or "Ravaged Ecosystem." One of these might be at least be an honest deviation from the tradition of naming a development after what was removed—i.e. Elk Meadows, Hawk Ridge, Ptarmigan Hill. 

Still, though . . . what were they thinking? Perhaps they were making reference to an obscure botanical or astronomical term, but that's definitely not the first place the mind goes. 

It's a well-intentioned tribute to poor Tina, I would guess. With the ticky tacky mansions of Tina's Coma clinging to a cliff face, I can't help but wonder from which lot Tina fell, and whether she ever woke up.

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