Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Harness News!

I thought that you, my supportive and encouraging fans, would like to know two important bits of mulish news. The first is that I was followed by an empty milk jug for the ENTIRE duration of my trail ride yesterday. At first it threatened to kill me, but FarmWife whispered sweet nothings to me and it was magically thwarted by her calming influence. She kept it at bay, and I lived to tell the tale. FarmWife tells me that one day I will be followed by something much bigger and more rattley, but that she will again keep me safe.

The second, not unrelated, update is that I have had an exciting offer from Chimacum Tack, the vendor of the Comfy-Fit harness of which we have spoken so much. Janie, the proprietor, heard about our fundraising efforts and offered a substantial discount and free shipping to me, Fenway Bartholomule, in order to further the muleness and support Brays Of Our Lives! (All the more reason to click the Chimacum link at the upper right corner, by the way, if there's anything harnessish that you need or want.)

This means that we have a new monetary goal of just $675 for the Comfy Fit breastcollar harness. If I should commence to pulling farm equipment later in my life, I will invest in a collar, hames and short tugs on the advice of my thoughtful readers who know these things. For now, this will be an excellent harness, made-to-measure and guaranteed to fit. We are more than halfway there! With a few more donations, we'll be able to order the Gift of the Decade!

From the bottom of my mulish heart, I thank each and every one of you for the mulish kindness and gracious encouragement you have offered me. I look forward to kicking my driving training up a notch with the purchase of a harness, and I gratefully bray in your direction.

Who says an old mule can't learn new tricks?


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  1. Fenway, It sounds like you are doing great with your driving rtaining. When mineownmomma was helping me learns to pull, I had to drag milk cartons with rocks in them. They made horrible noises, but I learned to ignore them and now I like when we go work. But I dont think I can pulls hte same weights as you can Fenway. Magic the Cardigan Corgi dog


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