Saturday, June 26, 2010


Feeling down? Maybe you just need a new perspective.

I, for one, am anything but down. In fact, I am having a mulishiously splendiferous day. For one thing, FarmWife loves me. For another, I am on the greener side of the fence today, having been let out for a bit of nibbling. Thirdly, we have a strange window of Edenic perfection in which there are no bugs, no rainclouds, no mudpuddles, no heat waves, and no gales. Wickersham could not be more perfect.

The only bad news today is Volvo hay mother's a poor performance review. Yesterday, she brought home stemmy first-cutting hay, lacking flavor, and today she took my human family to Bellingham and stranded them. She came home on the back of a Triple A truck. Lazy. If I, Fenway Bartholomule, had been granted the privilege of taking the human family to Bellingham, I would have seen them safely home with a lively step and glinting eye. 

I'm that kind of mule.

Your friend,


  1. That is the sweetest picture of Fenway.

  2. Fenny, there was never a hay mother that could come close to a mule in performance, looks, strength, shininess...I could go on.
    Ass-thetically yours,
    A Fan

  3. Oaky's pal, Anon. . . . I appreciate your acknowledgement of my muleness, splendid at any angle! Thanks!



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