Monday, June 7, 2010

Today's Forecast

Today's forecast calls for rain, followed by more rain. Look for a steady downpour this morning, followed by sheeting rain and a continuing torrent after lunch. This evening should bring heavy gray skies, dumping precipitation, and a 99.9%  chance of continued wetness. Expect soggy conditions to continue until the cows come home.

Unfortunately, the cows are all home and tucked safely in their various stalls. The Jerseys on W. street are accounted for, and the AngusX steer next door is barely visible through the wall of precipitation dividing his shed and pasture from mine. All present and accounted for.

I guess this means it will rain forever. I will save up for a harness and mule-drawn boat with which to take my beloved FarmWife out cruising. She never was much of a swimmer, whereas I am very strong in that area.

I am strong in most areas. Mules, sodden or not, are like that.

What's your weather? Write in with your stories of blue skies and warm breezes. I could use a distraction. If you'd rather, you can take the "my weather is worse than yours" approach! If you've had a hurricane, a tornado, or a killing drought you just might be able to take my mind off this rain and turn it to more important matters. Let's hear it!



  1. Oh Fenway, I would love a cooling shower (a natural one - not the lukewarm tap water from the hose kind).

    The high temperature in Central Texas on Saturday and Sunday exceeded 100F degrees. My people took me to a wonderful place over the weekend. We all traveled to an event called "LOPE Charity Horse Show". It was held about an hour from my home.

    The reason I'm telling you about it is this place is horse heaven on earth They had an arena that was inside a building. There was no sun beating down on us as we rode. Even better than "no sun" was the perfect level footing (not that you as a mule need this, but I as an ex-racehorse do not like uneven footing).

    Finally....the best thing of all, the keepers of the place have mastered climate control. It had something called air conditioning. Fenway, this is the most magical stuff in the world.

    Yours truly,
    Little Big Red

  2. The high plains of Colorado will reach 90 degrees plus today and, while that is perfect for aiding the weedkiller I put down, I long for the Pacific Northwest. I will trade you 90 degrees for rain any time!

  3. well you can have your Mum read you my blog

    I reached my "wet bra index" yesterday. But i did get good mushrooms gathered.

    We had a funnel cloud nearly touch down Friday afternoon.

    You have to conceed, Satruday was pretty nice

    Cliff Mass , on his blog, says everything on track for the normal July return to normalicy.

    But it is trying , isn't it. We should be dealing with bugs, not mud

  4. the go to place for Puget Sound weather understanding

  5. Well here in Nevada it is very hot - yesterday 110 - today should be about 105. Got a good squirt with the hose yesterday - then a good roll in the dirt.

    Your fren,

  6. Fenny: The weirdly hot spring here in the picturesque Hudson Valley of New York State turned cool and breezy yesterday. Today it's even breezier: the trees are agitated and the clouds are bolting like mad. I want to leap up into the sky but I can't. The closest I can get is to go visit my best friend, Spot (he is a horse and I am a person), tomorrow and ride him in the swooping hayfield. Everything will grow like mad in this weather. Yours in mule mind and mule strength! (p.s.: Oaky is a cat.)

  7. It is always "SUNNY" when the grandeur of Fenway smiles upon us!

  8. Fenway,

    I lived over four years in the Tacoma area, so I feel your pain. It had been hot-ish here (Ohio) for a while, with cranky thunderstorms or just rain rain for the last week it seems.

    But today... it is the prettiest day in a LONG time. Just 74 or 75 degrees, a nice breeze, and pretty cumulus clouds... couldn't ask for a nicer day. Perhaps FarmWife should send you out to Ohio in June (and again in December, I remember monsoons hitting then), and you could enjoy Ohio's lovely climes.

    Bif's Mother

  9. Dearest FenBar. While we do not like all that rainy weather, we have endured record hot spring temps here in Oklahoma and the flies are larger than the silver human flying machines overhead. We love you! Chisholm, Cupcake, and Harley

  10. The Cliff Mass blog, the love of my fans, and the reminder of my ancestral lands have all conspired to cheer me up, and now the sun—literally, not just figuratively—is shining!

    Thank you all for chiming in. Amazing that some of you are too hot today. What a great and varied place this world is.

    Bif, I was born in Ohio! I wonder if your mother knew my mother.



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