Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Woodland discoveries

Well, we've determined that what we initially took to be the nests of nice little hobbitses are actually the nests of some even nicer neighbors—the white tailed deer! These majestic ungulates help around the house by keeping the Japanese maple trimmed back, fertilizing the lawn with their little raisinettes, and removing the bark from tiresome imported ginko trees and ornamental maples lest the plant life grow up and threaten the view. I retract all earlier criticism, which was based on incorrect assumptions and my natural predisposition toward fits of unchecked terror.

Based on this information and the mulling over of things that naturally occurs during the settling in time at any new home, we've decided that Bag End is not the best name for our new home. In a change of direction, but one no less literary, we've come to the decision to call this place Mossflower Wood, with Casa de Bartholomule-Teaspoon being the 1/2 acre therein that is currently fenced.

FarmWife loves these dear deer. She really thinks they're grand. In fact, she enjoys them so much that she dreams of opening a deer rehabilitation center here in Greenbank for the treatment of orphans and accident victims! (Those of you who are my friends on Facebook will recall that FarmWife and her father and children went on a daring ride to the nearest available wildlife rescue center earlier this summer, about 3 hours away, with an injured fawn. 'Twas then this dream was born.)