Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Everyone got dumped.

FarmWife dumped everyone—EVERYONE—on facebook today. Even her husband. Her mother. Her best friend.

Everyone but me, Fenway Bartholomule, because she manages my very important fanpage and because I am stupendously fun.

If you were FarmWife's facebook friend, please don't take her disappearance personally. She still likes you! She feels like this about internet use: It can be purposeful, and wonderful, and of tremendous usefulness, or it can be an addictive, life-sucking drain on time, energy, and attention span.

Luckily for me, she feels that working as my transcriptionist falls into the purposeful category, and she even feels that maintaining my blog with me has helped her become a better person, with better connections, better skills, better focus, and above all more Muleness.

We are not going anywhere! Brays of Our Lives has blossomed into an important part of our shared day, each and every day, and both FarmWife and I are grateful and excited by the positive attention from all of you, our beloved readers. Please keep coming, keep reading, keep commenting . . . and keep carrying the message forth. The world needs more Muleness.

Fenway Bartholomule


  1. it is a good move.

    Facebook is becoming a bit too invasive of privacy as well. I am sure your Mum has a lot on her hands and wishes to protect you and preserve your character.

    perhaps this will free up some time and she can spend more of it with YOU!!!

    hey that is a good thing

  2. I agree, Facebook is kind of scary. I don't visit it much.

  3. Good for FarmWife! Mother has long ago stopped using her cell phone for anything but calling people and voicemail. She doesn't do Facebook (although I have an account so she can look at people's pictures they post)... But we certainly enjoy your BLOG, and hope FarmWife enjoys translating for you as much as the readers like reading it!



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