Thursday, July 31, 2014

I love my Granny

Most mothers will take you in when you need a place to stay.

Great mothers will also take your animals in when they need a place to stay.

Phenomenal, transcendent mothers will take you, your husband, your daughters, your mules, your dogs, your cats, your rabbits, and your goat in when you all need a place to stay—and then buy your goat a snappy outfit.

It's great having the whole family together again now that our humans have joined us at Granny's farm! You may recall that we beasts of hoof and claw came here over a month ago, and the humans went on a series of housesitting adventures.

We get one week together here in Oak Harbor, then close on the house we're buying. Maybe we can name it Fenway Farm?

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Fenway Bartholomule, National Treasure

Just so you know, my safety is being taken very seriously at my new temporary home in Oak Harbor, Washington! In fact, I am such a national treasure that the U.S. Navy has deployed fighter jets to keep me safe! The runway is about a half mile from my paddock. They fly about overhead most days, patrolling for signs of mulenappers or ne'er-do-wells.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Last nap in Wickersham

Before we came to Whidbey Island, FarmWife caught us having one last nap in our Wickersham paddock. As you can see, Arrietty was more interested in showing off for the camera than I was! That's OK . . . I know I'm beautiful in repose, and I don't have to jump up and gesticulate to prove it.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Day10 of my vacation

Well, FarmWife visited this weekend with happy news: we may be into our new home, together at last, in as little as four weeks! In the meantime, I am being lovingly tended by my Uncle Rick, who brings me delectable edibles thrice daily and fills my chalice with fresh cool well water each morning. Missy, being elderly, has a thick straw bed and a new pair of red pajamas from Granny Joan for nighttime use. Being newly arrived on this splendiferous island, we are not yet used to the chill sea breezes.

Bent Barrow Farm is now in the loving care of new owners, while our former neighbors are left with the promise of new friendships and the memory of my angel voice ringing through the valley.

FarmWife reports that we are buying four acres with a house and a promising spot for my future barn. Our neighbors will include two miniature donkeys and a miniature horse.

All's well!

Signing out from Whidbey Island,

Fenway Bartholomule

My final frolic at Bent Barrow Farm, last week.