Friday, June 11, 2010

Introducing Missy's Grandchildren!

This is Jasper Jules' littermate B.G. enjoying one of two newly arrived kids. Princess Leia and Luke Skywalker arrived on Saturday and made me sort of an uncle all over again! Congratulations to her owners, our good friends Dirty Mama and the Chicken People. Grandma Missy, Empress of All that the Light Touches, is basking in the knowledge that she will send her own pesky offspring away just as BG assumes the burden of responsibility for two new lives. Missy is done and then some with this motherhood business, and won't cry at weaning.

Here is Mrs. Hotsauce, the intended purchaser of our own little bundles of joy. Lark (née Pigeon) and Dove will be going to their new, gorgeous timber framed goat shed in a couple of weeks, and have been practicing eating hay and browse in anticipation of this exciting transition.

Baby goats—if you don't love them, you're either crazy or a victim.


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