Monday, June 28, 2010

A List

FarmWife has a to-do list, and "Ride the Mule" is sadly absent. The best thing on the list is "Muck out the Paddock," during which time I can enjoy the pleasure of her delightful company. The worst thing on the list is "clean the house," which is sure to take hours and hours which would be better spent rubbing my splendiferous ears.

There's hardly even time for blogging on my transcriptionist's agenda, so I'll keep this short.  Here, before I go, is the view from FarmWife's bedroom window at various levels of zoom:

Your friend,


  1. You finally got that camera working right in the last picture Farmwife... though it barely contains the handsomeness :)

  2. What a lovely place! The Pacific Northwest at its finest! Fenway, I got my bumper sticker in the mail today and I think I enjoyed the envelope as much as the contents :-) I could see where you took pen in mouth and wrote a greeting yourself which will be much treasured :-)

  3. What is that dazzling brightness I see???

  4. yes! zoom in on the glorious muleness as Fenway does some Mule Meditation. Very Zen.


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