Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Other Obligations

One of the side-effects of FarmWifery, at least when you've got a celebrity mule to look after, is that chores and opportunities are never in short supply. In our case, FarmWife has laundry to fold, dishes to wash, a paddock to muck, and the like—but also, and especially because of her world-famous muse (Yours Truly), she has articles to write. FarmWife's day was spent conducting telephone interviews, taking notes, compiling material, and generally performing in the capacity of a writer. It's fun for me to see her emulating me. I, of course, write from the heart and with effortless ease. She works hard to perform to my standards, and she does just fine! She shows promise, and works with mulish dedication.

I have a little opportunity of my own, having been invited to attend, as a VIP, the September Cascade Horse Fair in Lynden, WA. I'm seriously considering it, and will write more about the matter tomorrow.

For now, I need to pose beautifully outside the office window in case FarmWife needs a dose of inspiration.

Ears to you,

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