Thursday, June 17, 2010

Wowie Zowie!

I'd better get better acquainted with yonder tire, 'cause I'm going to be towin' things in style pretty soon! Look at this fantastic progress we've made with the Harness Fund:

Now, the bad news is that FarmWife has clued in to this surprise gift. I guess she pays more attention during our transcription sessions than I realized, because she now knows just what we're saving up for. It's OK, though, really—honestly, she's beside herself with excitement and that in itself is mulishly wonderful. She's also more willing to work on ground driving now that she understands our long term purpose, and we all know that she can't practice too much!

The good news is that we've shot way past the halfway mark (thanks to you, my dear readers, and to the fabulously mulish folks at Chimacum who are giving me a special deal just for being FenBar). Looks like I might be dressed to pull before 2020 after all! I will keep you posted, and as we pass the $400 mark I'll get my measurements and start readying my order.

Many mulish thanks,
Fenway Bartholomule

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