Friday, August 6, 2010

Sick of toting a heavy halter around in my saddle bag for trailside emergencies, I've asked FarmWife to come up with a lightweight and low-profile alternative. She made this, which I thought was rather sweet of her. I won't tell her, if you won't, that the throatlatch is saggy, the lead-rope loop baggy, and the general effect a little—ahem, how shall we say this—eh, homemade

Today is a work day for FarmWife, which means I pass the day with nary a carrot. If I waste away to nothing between now and dinner, it will have been the fault of her being employed outside the home. As much as I love her, I do wonder why she doesn't quit that job and stay with me.

I never will fully understand the human race, but I do love their fingers and thumbs. I suppose there's a reason that primates are so famous for their social grooming habits! No offense, anyway, that a good ear rub cannot fix. We shall make up.

Ears to you,
Fenway Bartholomule

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  1. From Badger:
    I totally get this. And they thought us mules were dumb?
    I await in my pasture for her to come and brush me and spend time with me...she works to support me.
    Now THAT is smart.


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