Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Goet iz the Bos.

Hiy. Thiz is Jazpur Jewlz. Im eeting all the haey todae cuz Finwey left mee in charege. Im sleping in hiz brekfist spot. I peeed next ta hiz sault blok too.

Finwey went wif the humin ladie to trayl ride an kammp. He probly dosnt no that hez gonna hafta werk hardur that waey. If he staid hoam hed bee wresting hiz butt but insted he wunted to go clime up hils an stuf.

Sily meull.


  1. You're a handsome guy, Jaspur! Fenway is lucky to have you for a friend :-)

  2. Oh but it is perfect weather to be out!!!!

    Now don't get in TOO much trouble while they are gone.

  3. Make sure to eat all of Fenway's hay and hide his mineral block. And maybe shovel mud into his water bucket. I'm sure that'd teach him who's boss! :) I enjoyed your blogging today, Jasper!

  4. Yay Jasper! But I suspect, you pee on all Fenway's stuff because you are jealous!
    Maybe someday you will get to go camping yourself, all you have to do is carry some of the humans' stuff, and you get to check out the wild female mountain goats!


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