Tuesday, June 15, 2010


FarmWife and I have endured a few challenges together lately: the visit to Dr. Ratchet, when I was tortured to within an inch of my life; the introduction of the tire, otherwise known as the MEDUSA (Mule Eating Device of Unparalled Sadistic Apocolypticism); being followed for an entire hour by an empty milk jug on an assassin's mission. (It failed to kill its target, by the way.)

Through all of these various harrowing experiences, FarmWife has sung to me, reassured me, and promised me something: she will keep me safe. She swears up and down that she will, and I am starting to believe her. After all, she and she alone has the power to send the TIRE and the milk jug away when I stand still and behave. She has the power to open gates, and she touches the electric fence—but only on it's yellowy plastic bits—without flinching.

We have come to a new agreement, based on my awesome respect for her power. She is now allowed to visit me whist I recline, and to share in the basking glory of my midday naps. I might need her, after all, if a milk jug turns up during my sun bath!

Yours in sensuous repose,


  1. Fenway, you must promise to be most mulish - always brave and aware - when your beloved FW is so near you and seated on the ground. She seems robust, and yet, she's quite fragile compared to you! Please, please do not jump or frighten her. She alone can protect you from the milk jug or the MEDUSA, and you must protect her, in return!

    Just brayin'

  2. I wish more equines could be sure, as you are, that their person will always keep them safe. I hate to mention this, but many humans discard their horses, mules, or donkeys to an uncertain fate when they can no longer use them for whatever they were using them for. I am so glad that Farmwife will keep you safe for your whole life.


Thanks in Advance for Your Mulish Opinion!