Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Image: a series of platforms leads up to a
second house on top of the first house.
I have sent my super-secret hoofspy on a super-secret hoofspy mission, and this is the report:

It is the same temperature inside the house as out. Stories of a giant blazing furnace full of wood are false—there was a metal object in the living room, but Briony reports that it was stone cold.

The furniture IS softer than a straw bed. (Drat!)

The floors are terribly slippery and have nothing at all to recommend them.

There are not, in fact, piles of vegetables everywhere one looks. There are more vegetables outside in the gardens, as it turns out.

The humans have blankets like I do (they keep them on their beds), but theirs lack fasteners (buckles, leg straps, surcingles, etcetera). I can't imagine how they keep them on.

There are doorways inside which are too small even for a little mule like me. Briony reports that these lead to closets full of delicious grains and other delectable edibles.

There are no buckets and no watering troughs indoors. One wonders how FarmWife drinks!

There is a second house on top of the first house. A series of little platforms leads up to it.

I expect Briony will get at least one more chance to infiltrate the human's habitation before she is pronounced too large. I will keep you apprised of future developments in this fascinating case!


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