Thursday, July 21, 2011

FarmWife's new raincoat

When FarmWife was cold and wet in October, she thought she should get a proper raincoat. When she was cold and wet in November, she thought she really should get a proper raincoat, but then in December she was busy with family and in January it was too icy to ride much and in February I got a new quarter sheet which she could pull around her legs to make up for the insufficiency of the windbreaker on the top half of her body. In March she thought, "why bother—it will dry up soon," and then in April and May she was too distracted by the beautiful greenness to notice that she was soaking wet. In June she knew the sun would be out soon, but now it's late July and it's still raining a deluge. FarmWife took some birthday money that she'd been holding onto and bought herself one of these:

No, no—not the cowboy! The duster, which makes her look like the man from Snowy River but which does, in fact, keep her dry. We rode into a fine mist yesterday and before our ride was half done it had become a steady rain. FarmWife stayed dry from her head to her toes, and her saddle was somewhat protected, too. I kept my eyes peeled for wild brumbies the entire time. 


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