Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Dependence Day

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That's you, domestic animals, that I'm talking to. Leave the Independence to the humans! If you're a tame critter, stick with your people on this explosively exciting holiday. Don't go running through fences, busting out windows, or darting through doorways. Don't find yourself alone and frightened on a  wild and crazy night like tonight.

FarmWife has disliked this holiday ever since her childhood dog, Brumby, suffered a collapsed lung and other ill effects. He was a ridgeback/weimaraner cross, and he feared loud noises. He escaped despite precautions on the 4th of July, and was found car-struck and damaged the next morning. He lived, but not all lost pets do.

Thankfully, we pets of Bent Barrow are a brave lot. Explosions don't scare us (though Paisley, who's deaf, would probably jump out of his skin if only he knew). Still, we're careful . . . the dogs and goats all have ID on 24/7, and I too wear ID when I'm out of the paddock.

Humans, enjoy your festivities responsibly. Don't drive under the influence, don't start a wildfire, and don't scare the animals unnecessarily. We depend on you to keep us safe.

Preachingly yours,


  1. So glad my animals aren't scared of the big booms... and that someone lives on the farm with Ozzy just in case.

  2. My friend has a deaf dog too. Her other dogs were flipping out and her deaf girl slept through the whole thing.


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