Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Go away!

Today was supposed to be a fantabulous day for a ride. Today was the day when we had hours free—hours in which to explore the verdant hillsides and to meander down the dappled roadways of Wickersham. Today was supposed to be sunny.

Instead, today was wet. This wasn't a weak sort of a drizzle, either. Not a "we should probably go anyway, because you know we'll have fun in the end" sort of a rain. Not an "it won't be so bad once we're out in it" wet. Today was so wet that, in fact, I think I had better stop trying to convey its wetness to you. If I succeeded in making you understand just how wet this wetness was, you might drown there at your keyboard and monitor.

The good news? A) the humans will probably never have to water their vegetable gardens again, B) summer rain makes grasses greener, C) the chickens are feasting on a thousand drowning worms, and D) there are 256 square feet of corrugated metal between me and the deluge. Thank goodness for sheds and warm straw beds.

Ears, soggily, to you.

Fenway Bartholomule

P.S. if you haven't seen me complaining about the weather on Youtube yet, check it out. This is me last winter, and you have to admit I look sad.

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