Friday, July 15, 2011

Selfish, selfish woman

Gif  by Photobucket user Pam_Calif
FarmWife says "no hooves on the keyboard," and unfortunately this means that my internet time is limited to her availability. While she really enjoys transcribing my daily blog posts and keeping up with my fans via comments and email, she finds Facebook distracting and addictive. The upshot is that my page—my own Facebook fanpage with all my 1700+ wonderful fans—has been deactiviated along with her personal account. Selfish, selfish woman!

That's OK, though. I will forgive her, and life will go on. I'm still blogging daily at and anyone who misses me can get in touch via email, too. If you hear of any bereft and grief-stricken Facebook users who don't know about these other ways to reach me, will you please lend a helping hoof and guide them back to me?

Earfully and always yours,

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