Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A friendly patch of sky

This is me scowling in the rain on a
different day, under a less friendly sky.
FarmWife and I found a little opportunity yesterday—a window in the rain, just an hour and a half before she had to leave for an appointment—and we seized it. We sauntered down the road, and then we hustled up the trail and we whipped around our favorite short loop and we hustled down the trail and we sauntered, once again, back home.

We sauntered for our health and we hustled for our schedule. FarmWife's mother taught her that one never lets one's mount hurry on the way out from the barn or on the way back, lest he die of colic or azutoria or road founder or something equally unpleasant.

On our way we saw a bit of blue sky—it was shaped like a whale and was, if I dare equipomorphisize, rather friendly.


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