Friday, July 15, 2011

And I thought MY hoof trims were bad!

I have four hooves. Paisley has sixteen (four tiny ones on the end of each leg). I thought MY hooftrims were bad . . . half an hour of three-legged balancing while FarmWife props one hoof after another up on her metal stand for a pedicure. Paisley, my cloud dog, suffers something far worse—his hooves are trimmed with power tools!

Now, FarmWife is quick to defend this practice. "The Dremel is far more comfortable than clippers for him," she says, "and conventional trimmers frighten him." Paisley is a dog with issues (chickens frighten him, goats frighten him . . . even goat puppets frighten him). It is not a surprise that trimmers strike him as scary, especially since he has a bad leg. What is surprising is that they can keep him still for the trimming of 20 hooves via a rotary sanding disc.

My oldest human filly, it turns out, holds the key. The key is peanut butter. The trimming of Paisley's hooves is performed by FarmWife (with the Dremel) and the human filly (with the peanut butter) and together they pull it off without a hitch.

Ears to whatever works, right?

Now, about that peanut butter . . . where's mine? Can I have it with jelly?


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