Sunday, July 17, 2011

My humans are all different

I have five humans, plus spares (various friends and neighbors whom I call into play when FarmWife vacations). They have varying opinions of me, ranging from true love to disdainful tolerance.

One finds me heartwrenchingly wonderful. She is my transcriptionist and she adores me, which is why she lets me get away with having this self-congratulatory blog. I deserve her adoration.

One finds me very nice, and loves to groom, feed, and ride me rain or shine. She has to share me with her mother. She draws pictures of me in her spare time.

The next likes me, too, and dabbles in riding when the weather's fair. She is a budding equestrian, and her mother and older sister are rubbing their hands in delight over her growing interest in me, Fenway Bartholomule.

The fourth likes to play beauty parlor with me—she finds me too tall to ride with confidence, but if she can stand beside me and curry my shoulder or help her mother pick my hooves, she's happy. She is usually the first to suggest roaching my mane, banging my tail, or polishing my nostrils when I'm looking unkempt. Without her, I'd be a dusty urchin.

The fifth has ridden me once and really doesn't see the point. He finds me slightly uninteresting, I think, but it's just as well. I stay quite busy toting his womenfolk around.

Who are YOUR people? Do you have a favorite?


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  1. Our... Our being myself (the ever charismatic and handsome, Jett), my best gal, Sister, and the Spotty Horse... NĂºmero uno human is our Mum. She's especially fond of scratching itchy spots and giving face rubs, so we forgive her for the lunging and wormer.

    Our other humans are Nannie and Poppi, they are really the favorites (just don't let anyone tell Mum) as not only do they feed more grain, they also supply us with an endless amount of apple wafers. Unfortunately, she only let's them feed when she's gone overnight. )€=:<


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