Sunday, July 3, 2011

Breyer ought to sculpt John Henry

And no, I don't mean John Henry the race horse—they did that already!

Breyer ought to sculpt John Henry the mule. The legendary mule, a mule of extraordinary charisma and beauty. The mule who died on Tuesday evening, euthanized following complications from a football-sized tumor beneath his heart. FarmWife feels a little torn up about it—she had always dreamed of meeting him, and now she never will. 

John Henry was made famous through his career as a competitive driving equine, his contributions to the BRAYER as an advice columnist, and his ambassadorship on behalf of mules everywhere. He was modeled, some time ago, in resin by artist Bonnie Shields. Click here for Bonnie Shields' lovely resin of John Henry. Kathleen, John Henry's human, told of his many daring exploits on his website, He had a good life with Kathleen, and he was cherished. You can expect an obituary to appear in an upcoming issue of the BRAYER. 

John Henry's memory will live on forever in Kathleen's heart and elsewhere, but I have one more idea. I think Breyer should make a model of John Henry for distribution to a wider audience. Breyer does accept suggestions from the public, and I think that hearing the same suggestion from a number of customers might make an impression on them. I'm going to write them today—will you? 

From the Breyer website:

 I have a great idea for a new model and/or accessories. Can I submit my idea(s) to Breyer so that you can create it?
Breyer® Animal Creations® (Breyer®), a division of Reeves International, Inc., always welcomes ideas for new products and models from our collectors and enthusiasts but we do have a strict Product Submission Policy in place just for this instance. Please understand, however, that Breyer has been in the business of designing and selling models and related accessories for more than 50 years. We maintain a highly motivated and skillful staff for exactly this purpose. Your "new idea" may actually be an idea that Breyer has been developing for some time. Accordingly, any unsolicited idea, model, sketch or the like you send to Breyer shall become the property of Breyer. Due to the large number of such submissions, we cannot return your submission to you. By making an unsolicited submission to Breyer, you waive any and all claims you may have against Breyer relating to the submission and Breyers use of the submission. Also, your submission to Breyer, or Breyers use of the submission, does not constitute an explicit or implied agreement between Breyer and you, nor does it obligate Breyer to you in any way. Unfortunately, these conditions are necessary to protect Breyer and if these conditions are not acceptable to you, please do not submit unsolicited ideas to us. Thank you for your understanding and continued support.

Breyer contact information: 
Breyer® Animal Creations®
Division of Reeves International, Inc.
14 Industrial Rd.
Pequannock, NJ  07440

Tel. 973-633-5090
Fax: 973-694-5213


  1. Oh, I am so so sad now. I knew John Henry. Rode in his cart. Galloped behind him out hunting. Kathleen was my good good friend and advisor until I moved. I am so sorry for her and for her family. Oh so sad.

  2. Sorry Fen's made you sad! I'm sad too. I never got to meet the boy, but Kathleen seems like such a warm and wonderful woman and JH was just amazing. I'm sorry I didn't meet him in person.

    Marnie "FarmWife" Jones.


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