Saturday, July 30, 2011

Saving you trouble one post at a time

I'm reading your Facebook comments, kind fans. I really am. I don't log in often (a bit of self-discipline now that the weather's nice, and FarmWife and I do outside things together rather than online things together for several hours out of every day) but I get your comments by email and I post my blog entries automatically.

Here's the thing—many of you have noted html markup in my posts on Facebook. I can't help it! It's some terrible issue between Facebook and Feedburner and I can't fix it—I'm sorry!

Know this, though—when you see gibberish on, it means there's something new (and clean, and legible, and probably fascinatingly witty and wise) at Brays Of Our Lives. Come on over and read it like it was meant to be read.

Keep on rockin' the muleness,

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