Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Do we need a family motto here at Bent Barrow Farm?

FarmWife says her maternal family has the motto "touch not the cat but a glove," along with a fancy crest and their very own tartan.

I said, "FarmWife, your family motto is silly. Who would want to touch a glove when they could touch a little tiger instead?," to which she said, "Fenway, it means don't touch the cat until his claws are sheathed."

Here are my proposals for the Jackson/Jones/Bartholomule motto:

"Why be normal?"
"Hurry up and eat it before it's all gone."
"Happy trails."
"Courage in the face of rainbows."
"Eat, Bray, Love."

Do you have alternate proposals?

Once I settle on one, I think I am going to design a family crest.


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