Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Not an espresso machine, but close!

Do you remember my hydration woes, wherein I didn't drink enough and wound up with a tummy ache? Well, the friendly folks at Schneider's Saddlery,providers of value-priced horse supplies, heard about my troubles and sent me the perfect remedy: a heated water tub! I will never again have to face the terrible choice between drinking the moment that poor, exhausted FarmWife arrives with armfuls of water from the house or waiting until thirst strikes and then gnawing and pawing my way into a frigid slurry of terrible unwelcoming ice water. This thermostatically-controlled wonder of modern beverage management is the next best thing to my own personal espresso-machine, and I expect to spend many fond moments slurping up its delicious blue waters. 

My new bucket holds 16 gallons, which makes it an absolutely perfect substitute for my normal tub, and has a wire-wrapped cord to prevent damage-by-goat. Since damage-by-goat is a pretty common problem around here, FarmWife and I were both delighted with this clever feature. It's sturdy, shiny, beautiful, sleek . . . and, well, mulish, really! 

Now, let's all do a bit of an ice dance, shall we? It's 34 degrees and pouring . . . in other words, a pretty typical spring day in Wickersham. I can't wait until the temperature plummets so that I can report back! 

Ears to you,

Fenway Bartholomule 

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