Sunday, March 18, 2012

My entry in a $5000 contest

I recently entered this contest, and I'd be terribly grateful if you'd pop by and vote for me. The first contestant to reach 5000 votes will win $5000, and I'd very much like that to be me. 

Here's the description FarmWife wrote for my entry form:

Fenway Bartholomule is only half horse but he's at least twice as marvelous as a lot of people so I'd say that qualifies him to compete. 

Fenway is an 18 year old mule with a bum hock, a giant heart, and a family who adores him. His bray is out of this world. Children are drawn to him. Baby animals sleep at his feet. Women weep at his beauty. His shining coat is more blinding than a thousand suns. He is smarter than your honor student. He speaks several languages: the language of the horse, the language of the ass, and the language of the heart. He comes when called. He stays when told. His ears inspire poetry. He is a God among ungulates. 

For more information on the Coolest (half)Horse in the World, visit, LIKE, or read his columns in the Brayer, the magazine of the American Donkey and Mule Society.

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