Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Fenway 50

My friends Iota McHippus and Petey Pants have been doing this fun exercise and I thought I'd follow their leads and give it a try myself. For 50 days—not necessarily uninterrupted— I'm going to share the below images and stories with you. Hopefully this can be in addition to and not instead of the usual mulish witticisms on which you've come to depend! The list, copied straight from my pony pals' facebook pages, appears below. I may allow this project to spread out a bit so as to  leave room for other fun content here at, but I promise I will finish it. 

I'll start today with this: the oldest picture I have of myself. It was taken before FarmWife and I were family, when I still lived over the fence. I was angrier then. 

Day 01- The oldest picture you have of yourself
Day 02- The last time you worked and what you did
Day 03- A picture of you being naughty
Day 04- A day that impacted your life
Day 05- A picture of your worst "oops!" moment
Day 06- Your favorite memory of visiting with people
Day 07- A picture of your favorite treats
Day 08- A picture of your house
Day 09- A picture of your favorite stall decoration
Day 10- A picture of you with your mom
Day 11- A picture of your paddock mate(s)
Day 12- A picture of your favorite color
Day 13- A picture of you jumping
Day 14- A picture of your horse mom
Day 15- A picture of your horse dad
Day 16- A funny picture
Day 17-A picture of your equine idol
Day 18- A picture of your favorite grooming item
Day 19- A picture of you doing what you dream of doing
Day 20- A picture of your favorite past travel visit
Day 21- A picture of you with someone other than your mom
Day 22- A picture of you being ridden bareback
Day 23- A picture of you and a horse friend not in your family
Day 24- A picture of something you would like to do in your future
Day 25- A picture of your dream house
Day 26- Your biggest accomplishment yet
Day 27- A picture of your best horse friend
Day 28- A picture of you getting your hooves done
Day 29- A picture of you with your vet
Day 30- A picture that makes your day
Day 31- A picture of the first rime you were handled a lot
Day 32- A picture of the most recent trailer decoration you bought
Day 33- A picture of your favorite famous horse
Day 34- A picture of somewhere you’d like to go
Day 35- A picture of the tack you use
Day 36- Your favorite picture of yourself
Day 37- A picture of you in the pasture
Day 38- A winter picture
Day 39- A spring picture
Day 40- A summer picture
Day 41- A fall picture
Day 42- A picture of an item you want
Day 43- A picture of an item you need
Day 44- A picture that makes you laugh
Day 45- A picture of something you want to jump
Day 46- Your favorite horse-related quote and who said it
Day 47- A picture of the last place you visited
Day 48- A picture of the next place you plan to go to
Day 49- Your biggest goal in life
Day 50- Your most memorable moment

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