Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A substitution

From"I am a small brown mule of great heart and splendiferousness. I am good at surmounting obstacles (making new friends), braying for my breakfast, shining, and giving hugs. I am a columnist and a great eater of dried grasses. You should read my blog,"

Still good at basking.

FarmWife has officially banned me from surmounting obstacles, which was one of my very best skills: I was good at getting up and over just about anything on the trail. "You mustn't," she says. "Your hock." It turns out these joints are aging faster than either she or I would like, and we're going to put my hock in the same category with FarmWife's knee—the category for joints that need to be babied, and that simply don't do very hard things. A recent talk with my vet confirmed what FarmWife already knew: I would be wise to resign myself to a leisurely life.

It's a bit of a tragedy, but FarmWife reminds me that I am very good at a number of things besides charging down the trail. I am good at shining, singing, and inspiring art with my glorious beauty. I am good at amusing the children with my funny faces. I am good at giving rides around the pasture to the under-10 set. I am good at making friends.

You will notice that FarmWife made me revise the "about me" blurb on my Facebook friends to reflect this substitution, but that's OK with me. I'm ready for a new chapter.


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