Wednesday, March 28, 2012

First world problems

Today's problems:

My eight pound chihuahua is trapped in a ten pound body. No amount of exercise or dieting seems to make her slender again.

My mule is retired and I have fallen in love with the photo and description of a free gelding in West Virginia. West Virginia is very, very, very far from Washington. If he lived closer, I'd already have snuck him into the paddock.

I dream of winning the lottery, but I have never bought a lottery ticket.

I am out of printer ink.

In the grand scheme of things to agonize over, these are not terrible things. I'm distracted by GOOD news, too: we had a BEAUTIFUL weekend; Paisley hasn't had a seizure in weeks; Dylann will get her cast off on Monday; I have my health and my family and my home.


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