Sunday, April 10, 2011

Busy, busy

FarmWife has been busy, busy, busy today and had no time to ride or to groom her darling Fenway Bartholomule. I passed the morning, meanwhile, thinking of what she could do if she WEREN'T so busy. I came up with a hundred ideas, but here are five (at random):

1) Hug a librarian. Free books on any subject? No cost? You've got to be kidding me! This service is AWESOME! (Hint: check out books on longears. They're the best ones.)

2) Learn to use a hand tool. I'll bet there's something you do with gasoline or electricity that you could do with your own brute strength. It'll make you stronger, too! (Plus, any work YOU do is work your mule doesn't have to do himself!)

3) Grow a vegetable. (Feed it to your mule.)

4) Make something. Do you draw, write, sing, knit, sculpt, build, cook, or carve? Surely you can beautify your world a little bit today. (Hint: make something for your mule. Even better.)

5) You humans and your telephones, your internets, your opposable thumbs—what a lot of ways to reach out and touch someone, eh? Call up someone you love. Write a letter. Tell someone you love them. (Then, go say it to your mule. You know you want to!)

Eat, Love, Bray.


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