Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Pardon the strange, non-English and
only vaguely related diagram. FarmWife
told me to use it. 
FarmWife is a budding needle felter, and needs YOU to encourage her developing skill! Share a picture of your pet on my facebook wall, and tell me why she should felt him or her. Then, ask your friends to "like" the photo. The fan whose photo garners the most "likes" by May 1st will receive a felted version of their pet by the end of May! (All non-human animals are eligible to compete, though tropical birds may find themselves disappointed by FarmWife's earth-toned wool collection.)

Ears to you, 
Fenway Bartholomule

P.S. I do have an ulterior motive—FarmWife wants to felt ME, but I'd like to see that she's good and practiced first! 


  1. Mother says she will hold out 'til FW has perfected her technique, then commission one for me. Heaven only knows what sort of crazy phot o she might have posted otherwise!

  2. I'm doin it! :) Choose my kitty!


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