Wednesday, April 27, 2011


It's greener on the other side.

Our delightful neighbors have been offering me paddock space for some time now, and I've always politely declined out of a sense of . . . oh, I don't even know. Independence, I suppose, or self sufficiency. There are also minor concerns about the quality of their fence, but they can be alleviated with an electric wire. Today, I looked at the muddy slop that was Fenway's sacrifice paddock and decided that a rest would do our ground some good. Tomorrow, I think I'll see about getting him over next door.

Neighbors who do one another a good turn—it's one of my favorite things about Wickersham. This particular neighbor, who loves Swiss chard but who won't be gardening this year for reasons of health, will have a row in my garden. Another neighbor needed her dogs let out to pee this afternoon, while yet another watched my daughter for an hour today when I had a schedule conflict. Is this small town life, or is this the way things work in every community? Never mind, I love it.

There are days when I long for a bigger pasture, a cozy barn, and an off-grid life. The grass is always greener on the other side, but it's pretty green right here too.


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  1. If Gas goes up to $5/gallon this summer, I think the grass at our place is gonna be pretty green.... and tall! We might get more use out of that push-mower than I originally thought.


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