Saturday, April 2, 2011

FarmWife's little supervisor

 FarmWife's little supervisor, Clover, sits on donkeyback beside her desk. FarmWife doesn't put her there. No, she hops up on her own! Perhaps, like a landowner of old, she feels superior when looking down from astride.

FarmWife does half of her work with Clover supervising from donkeyback and the other half with Clover sitting on—and sometimes sharing—her lap. When she does share, it's usually with Harry Housemule (pictured) or B-bun. 
FarmWife likes doing her computer work with an animal companion nearby. Why else, I ask, would she have agreed to this blogging-with-a-mule business? 

Ears to that, and ears to you.


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  1. I'm seeing a trend in FarmWife's choice of pet ears. Hehe.


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