Friday, April 1, 2011

Pocket Fen

While FarmWife is opposed to genetic engineering on principle, she's not hard-nosed enough to turn down the opportunity of a lifetime when it's presented to her. When geneticists from Washington State University contacted her early last year, she heard them out. When they told her what they had in mind, she had to say yes.

COMING IN THE FALL OF 2011: Limited edition Pocket Fenways! The prototype is now 7 months old and, due to his accelerated growth rate and rabbitlike lifespan, already fully mature. A perfect, shining, miniature version of me, he's everything one could hope for in a house pet. His keepers, Doctors Franken and Stein from WSU, state that he inherits tidiness, intelligence, and a robust bray from my side of the family.

24 additional mulelets are due in the coming weeks, wrapping up four months of gestation with their surrogate mothers, a very special group lesser lesser Malay chevrotain does. The first four have been reserved for FarmWife, the Queen of England, Madonna, and Bill Gates, respectively, but the remaining 20 are up for sale!

To reserve your Pocket Fen today, please paypal $45,500 USD to 

Delivery not guaranteed. Product may not resemble description. Alternative products, including but not limited to plush toys or pencil drawings, may be substituted. 

Ears to you,
Fenway Bartholomule


  1. We want one - but don't have the $$ - what a great idea! Maybe next - a pocket Buddy!

    Your fren,

  2. And hey, with that 45k you can purchase a million tons of pea-sized gravel!

    Hahahaha, thought you said no April Fools' stuff!

  3. What's my name-the-mule discount for this one?

  4. Carey,

    If the box o' mule arrives from WSU, we'll send you one on the house!

  5. Buying my lottery ticket as we speak....


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