Thursday, April 7, 2011

Today the good computer, which is notoriously bad, stopped working altogether. This is a serious customer service issue. Apple, you should be ashamed! This is the third major hardware failure (logic board, logic board, hard drive—all dead, in that order. We've had it far less than a year).

The bad computer, which used to overheat and shut down every 90 seconds, is working like a champ! Yay, old computer! I think that, like Missy, it resented being replaced. (You may recall that Missy couldn't stand and was heading for euthanasia until her daughter, B.G., was purchased by the humans.) The other good news is that no photos of or articles about my Glorious Mulishness have been lost, thanks to Time Machine. Yay, Time Machine! If you're not using this program, you should be.

I am going to boycott apples* for a week just to show 'em who's boss. FarmWife says that's an empty gesture and that the computer company doesn't care whether I eat fruits, vegetables, or legumes, but I say that a small act by a concerned mule can change the world.

I took FarmWife riding today, hoping to get her mind off of her dead computer, and I saw two of the scariest things of my life. One was black, and long, and shorter than a cat, and the other looked like a suicide bomber goat with weird fleecy baggage on its body. It was AWFUL. I shall tell you about it in the morning, and share pictures, too, but I need to compose myself first.


*actually, I like carrots a lot better than apples and always have. Ha! Take that, Apple people!

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  1. I sure admire your good humor in the face of dealing with a brand new, but screwed up, Mac. But then, it is only a machine of course. Yay, Time Machine and Applecare...I hope.

    It is always something


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