Friday, January 6, 2012

My family: Part I in a series

This is going to be a series about my family, in case you've forgotten the key players. If you haven't forgotten them at all, this may be a little repetitive. Don't worry, though! We are a FASCINATING bunch of people, my family and I. Our stories never get old.

I am going to introduce my family in order from small to large. Our first story, then, shall be B's.

B is short for BeyoncĂ©. (Don't blame us—she came with it!) She is a mini-lop mini-mule. She and Harriet were terrible enemies until they became wonderful friends, but that is a story that has already been told. B likes carrots, celery, and long walks on the lawn. B has a pirate sweater that is even more humiliating than my maroon plaid turnout rug.

Second story: Harriet is a rex/Californian cross minimule and was one of FarmWife's 30th birthday presents. She was small, soft, white, and adorable back then. Now she is large, soft, white, and adorable in a sort of a terrifying, tooth-and-claw sort of way. She and B are good buds. She likes to eat sheetrock, which had a deleterious effect on her house freedom. She likes to sleep upside-down on FarmWife's lap and makes a good stand-in for a hot water bottle on cold days.

Harriet is fatter than me and gets fewer carrots, so I suppose that makes up for the fact that she gets more lap time.

Tomorrow, we will talk about chickens. (Don't worry, we'll cover them all at once in a few quick paragraphs.)


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