Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Family VI: My middlest human filly

If there are two more children in the world as nifty as my littlest human filly, then they are my middlest and biggest human fillies. My middle human filly—Dylann—is famous for her large vocabulary, her fearsome temper, and her beautiful, catlike eyes. She is a precocious child, bursting with mulish charm and intellect. She is compassionate. She is a great lover of animals. She wants to be a circus acrobat and a veterinarian when she grows up, and there is no doubt in my noble and capacious mind that she can indeed do either or both of those things.

If you've ever heard the bit about mules being the most stubborn creatures on earth, don't believe it. Dylann is the most stubborn creature on earth. When she channels her determination, drive, focus, and conviction into those things that matter, she is a powerful force for good. She has gumption, but she's maturing into a sophisticated girl who knows how to pick her fights. This is a wonderful improvement, as she was a fearsome thrower of tantrums a few years ago!

Dylann is a girl of tremendous coordination, bravery, and grace. FarmHusband sees her as a future snowboarder. FarmWife sees her as a future gymnast. I see her as a future eventer. In the saddle, she is the bravest of my three little riders! Could it be that Dylann will be the one to turn the USEA and USEF towards acceptance of mules? She certainly has the stick-to-it-iveness for such an undertaking. Those officials wouldn't even know what they had coming at them!

Dylann is a most mulish child—a smart, perceptive, never-gives-up sort of girl. If you like me, Fenway Bartholomule, then you would love my middle human girl.


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