Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The word for the year

FarmWife has a human acquantance who has been painstakingly (and painfully) beating cancer down again and again for the last three years. Her adventures have not been easy, or comfortable, and yet she keeps her chin up and her joy alive. She is inspiring.

She recently blogged about picking a word for each year—her word for this one is "attitude." I am inspired, so FarmWife and I are going to pick words too.

I think my word for 2011 should probably have been "relaxation." I did a lot of that.

My word for 2012? "Friendship." If I have taught FarmWife anything about life, it is that the joy of being the rider of a mule is second only to the joy of being the friend of a mule. We are good buds, she and I, and we'll keep that up.

FarmWife says her word for 2011 was "career." She's finally got one . . . a growing freelance writing career that's actually rolling along quite nicely. This year, she hopes to continue to add clients to her roster.

Her 2012 word is going to be "diligence." She has the ability and the desire to get fit, to do more professionally, and to do more at home as a dabbler in the homesteading arts. She must apply herself, and she vows that she shall.

How about you? What set of words would you pin on last year and this one to come?


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