Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Family X: B.G.

After Mia, my next heaviest family member is B.G. the mama goat. She is Missy's daughter and the most mischievous of us all if you consider gate-opening to be mischief. She saw FarmWife leave the latch undone once during stall-mucking time, and she has never yet failed to test it since.

B.G. had three tremendous triplets this year, which made her the pregnantest animal I have ever met. You can read about them by searching this blog for the words Burzum, Bowdoin, and Briony Bluebell.

B.G. was born here at Bent Barrow Farm and was allowed in the house from time to time until she was about four months old. That's her trying to climb over the fence in the photo above (mischievous—I said so!). She is not allowed in the house anymore.

B.G. was FarmWife's favorite baby goat when she was born, but financial necessity required that she be sold. She went to our friend The Chicken Lady, who kindly sold her back when Missy fell ill. It all worked out in the end, and the Chicken Lady still has B.G.'s aunt, Spring, and cousin, Jessica Badness.

B.G. stands for Beautiful Girl, which is what Son-of-Chicken-Lady named her. It also stands for Bent Barrow Gaia, which is her registered name. The first time she lived here, her name was Ma Petite.

Some people say you have to take baby dairy goats away from their mothers at birth if you're going to have an easy time handling them. B.G. was raised by her mother Missy, and B.G. loves people rather a lot. This just goes to show that some people are wrong.

B.G. is the most excellent blackberry-bramble-eater in the family after me, Fenway Bartholomule, and has very good taste in delectable edibles. She can pull a wagon, too, which makes her practically as good as a mule.


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  1. She's beautiful. And very interesting, too. Do you trim the goat's feet, yourself?


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