Sunday, January 1, 2012

A lazy day

I passed a lazy day in contemplation of my new gate assembly, which is comprised of every metal gate on the farm, joined together in a train-like configuration in order to temporarily bar me from the shed expansion workzone. It's rather nice, and rattles in the key of G when shaken just so.

The humans went on their annual New Year's Day trip to Mount Baker where they slid joyfully hither and thither upon the white slopes. They have asked me if I would ever care to join them on such an adventure, serving as their skijoring captain. I have declined. I am a fair weather mule.

Paisley, the puffy dog, has the coat but not the soundness for such adventures. Clover, the smooth dog, has the soundness but not the coat. The humans can make their snowy merriment alone, thank you, while we beasts of hoof and claw hold down the fort.

And you? How did you pass this fine holiday? In eager anticipation, I hope, of a frabjous 2012!


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