Tuesday, August 3, 2021

One person I miss

I have the best of friends around me here at this new home! I have my human Granny and Gruncle (is he a grandpa? Is he an uncle? I'm not sure), I have a horse companion beside me and two other horse companions a little further down the row, and I have a wonderful assortment of ponies, miniature horses, and miniature mules darting about and making adorable little sounds with their adorable little faces at all hours of the day and night. It's really quite lovely. I have chickens and rabbits and cats to befriend, and I have visits from the Woman and her blue dog. 

My friend Scotty, who lives on my right, is a wise old chestnut with a soothing presence. My friend Cadbury, who lives on my left, is a fiery miniature stallion (a rescue, for whom gelding was medically contraindicated) who ensures our life is never boring. 

I miss one person from the boarding barn—a sweet little girl who was the very first person I came to trust in that new place. She was kind to me from the outset, and could always be counted on for a treat and a currying if my own human wasn't available to attend me. 

Perhaps she can come visit me at my new home one day. I will ask my human Granny to prepare a picnic! I should let her taste my new salt block—it's really, really delicious. In fact, I like it so much that I am going to be getting some loose salt so that I can have even more sodium in my diet without wearing out my poor tongue! 

Tunefully yours,

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  1. Oh Boopsnoot! I hope your friend gets to visit! She'll love your salt block. What a generous, kind friend you are.


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