Monday, June 28, 2021

Oven Island

They told me I was moving to an island. I pictured mai tais and sea breezes and delicious grass skirts. I pictured heat. Then, they told me, "no, Gus. It is not that kind of island. On this island there are rocky shores and bunny rabbits and cool mossy pathways under giant cedar trees." 

I'm cool, I go with the flow. Cool mossy pathways sound delicious too! I was all for this new kind of island.

Well, I am here now and I can tell you there are no mai tais. There are no sea breezes. There are no delicious grass skirts, although there are some delicious grass meadows. The rocks on the shore are 300 degrees in the sun. The bunny rabbits have all fainted from the heat and the cool mossy pathways under giant cedar trees are being desperately watered by concerned stewards. 

The only member of the family who really likes this 100+ degree heat is the avocado tree (pictured), who has finally moved out of the window and onto the porch for the first time in her short life. She seems to be loving it. 

As for me, I recently got paired up with this big roan, L., for turnout (after the day this photo was taken, we were moved from adjacent fields into the same field). He's a youngster, so perhaps I can use my wisdom and maturity to guide him into the shade while he uses his colossal shadow to afford me extra protection. Everyone at the barn is being quite accommodating, moving all of us hither and thither throughout the day in pursuit of the best shady spots. 

Stay cool, 


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