Thursday, June 24, 2021

Mule: 1. Danger String: 0.

The fences here are made of danger string, but I've got it figured out. There's a roan horse beside me, and when he touched the danger string it bit him. Here's where the story gets strange: he backed away, and it did not pursue. Though it is clearly predatory, I think it is rooted in place—it may be some kind of carnivorous plant. 

Thank goodness that's established. Now that I understand that the fences are a look-but-don't-touch affair, I get daily turnout in a lovely grassy field. My neighbors are getting used to my unsettling handsomeness and my soprano voice (not unlike this guy's).   

I was supposed to get a pedicure today but thanks to some inconveniences related to this being an island (which I think means we're floating at sea?) I got a nice massage and some clicker loading training instead. I have begun to understand that when the new woman accidentally makes an unfortunate clicking sound with her mouth, she follows it immediately with a gift of snacks as some form of apology. 

Finally, I met an admirer—a friend of the woman's—who came aaaaalll the way across the valley to meet me. The fact that she did it in a car, in under five minutes, makes it a no less generous use of her time. Thank you, A, for the delightful visit! 




  1. If your voice sounds anything like that guy’s*, Bird, I shall truly be impressed! Enjoy your new pasture and mind that string.

    (*Did not know there are male sopranos. Quite interesting and a bit... unsettling?)

  2. RiderWriter, given my unfortunate early life experiences—and with apologies to my more sensitive readers—I think I might be classified as a castrato vs. a soprano!

  3. I was happy to meet you Gus You, sir, are VERY handsome.


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