Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Introducing myself

Pictured, the boopable snoot for which I am known.

I am Songbird Sparrowgrass. If that’s not to your taste, you may call me GusBird Boopsnoot. Some call me Gus, or Bird. I am in between families right now, and in between names. I like this new family, and I think I shall stay. 

I grew up in Kentucky, where I pulled wagons and carried riders. You can see me doing those things here, on a YouTube page maintained by someone I once knew. I don’t like the word owner, so let’s not call him that. 

I lived in Rochester, Washington for the past year, where I learned that donkeys are friends and that horse shoes can be put on in a number of ways, including sideways (see below). That family was kind to me, but they didn’t provide me with a Blogger account or the services of a transcriptionist. This new gig seems to be a bit of a promotion, since it includes established social media accounts, the shiny new url "", plus meals and accommodations. 

This move, for me, is more personal than professional: I am now a member of the Jackson-Bartholomule family. I’m told that there was another mule here, also shiny and brown (purely by coincidence) and also good with words (somewhat by design). I’ve seen his pictures, and seen that he, like I, had a kind eye that told of hardship and of trust. There’s a third mule somewhere in the mix: not deceased, but living away at a boarding camp of some sort. Her name is Miss Teaspoon and though I’ve not met her I’ve been asked to assure readers that she is quite well. 

The Brays Of Our Lives empire, such that it is, is mine if I want it. I think I will try this blogging thing on for size and see if it suits me—and please, dear reader, let me know if it suits you too. 




  1. Oh dear boopsnoot you have landed in the best life ever.

  2. Welcome dear mule friend. You do seem to have a bray with words as did your predecessor. Looking forward to posts!

  3. Lucky Gus! Keep posting please!

  4. sideways shoes?! What a strange land you passed through on your journey! I’m glad you are here now!

  5. Thank you for your kind comments, dear readers! So far this new life suits me. —GusBird

  6. That snoot and your eloquent way with words. I may be smitten.


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