Tuesday, March 2, 2021

I dream of writing

Pictured: Bleu, our recently-adopted Texas Heeler (ACD/Aussie mix)

 I've always been a good dreamer, and lately I've been dreaming with an almost exhausting level of detail and complexity. For a couple of weeks now, I've been dreaming about writing books—sometimes my memoir-in-progress, sometimes whole novels, sometimes opening paragraphs, and once an entire sci-fi trilogy (dreamed over the course of three nights). I literally wake up in the morning feeling as though I've written a book, or feeling ready to write a book, sometimes with specific lines or paragraphs running through my head. I think my subconscious is nudging me to get on my writing projects. As a not-morning-person, I'm wondering something: does this mean I should get up earlier and write? 

Also, I woke up Friday morning with some weird affirmation running clearly through my mind: "I am committed to excellence." Not a phrase I ever remember reading, thinking, or saying in my waking life. I went on to have a below-average, not-so-productive Friday. However, I followed it up with an EXCELLENT weekend and now I have an EXCELLENT feeling about adding writing to my daily routine. (And exercise! Excellence calls for exercise.)

These books that want to be written are going to be good.

P.S. I really, REALLY, reeeeaaaaalllly miss my mule boy. I think I have a mule in my future (no particular mule yet) and so I've decided to take back the name "Brays of Our Lives". Notes from the Ark never took off, and I don't know that I'll live in this Ark much longer.

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