Monday, March 8, 2021

Cast of Characters: I of V (Doggos)

Humans, meet Bleu. Bleu, meet humans. 

Bleu is diplomacy in action—a real mule among dogs. He came here from Texas in October 2020, seamlessly integrating into the family. He has not yet put a paw wrong, but he HAS put a tooth wrong—he has chewed a TV remote, several leashes and harnesses, two tasty shoes, several couch cushions, and the interior of one Honda SUV. He is now closely supervised most of the time, which suits him just fine and seems to be the solution to his destructive chewing. 

Bleu is half Australian Cattle Dog, half Australian Shepherd—otherwise known as a Texas Heeler. 

Russell, pictured here with the late, great Brodie, is energy incarnate. 

Russell has become considerably more grown up during our lull in blogging. He is now a seven year-old perma-puppy. He has moved from 100% Chance of Stranger Danger Mode to 25% Chance of Stranger Danger Mode, which means he can make friends with—or at least entertain the concept of making friends with—three quarters of the men, women, children, dogs, and hoofpeople he encounters. He remains healthy, hearty, and adorable, and he still counts Prancing, Smiling, and Eating Sand Fleas among his Grade A skills. 

Russell is a miniature pinscher/flying squirrel cross.

Clover has been part of the Brays of Our Lives family since the early days, and she has become a decade older and about 45% chubbier since she joined us at the tender young age of 11 months. She is now about 11 years old.

Do you remember that Fenway Bartholomule mistook Clover for a weasel the first time he met her? And do you remember she used to leap from the ground to my stirrup, and then up into the saddle, when she was a young trail explorer? Now, she is on a strict diet to restore her ability to leap effortlessly from the floor to the couch. 

Clover is mostly chihuahua, possibly mixed with fruit bat and/or meatloaf.  


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