Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Ruminations on collective change

What if there was a massive public health threat with big implications for all of humanity, and almost everyone took it seriously? What if local, state, and (most) federal governments bent over backwards to quickly ramp up production of the technology needed to solve the problem while media focused on sharing the skills and habits needed to solve the problem? What if people listened to the scientists and followed their advice, even if it meant dramatic changes in activity, lifestyle, and convenience? What if employers, corporations, banks, and credit unions all agreed they would do everything they could to support individuals and families through the experience? What if the dangerous behaviors that were contributing to the problem suddenly stopped or slowed all across the planet? What if people collectively navigated the economic shift and reorganization that would result from these healthy changes in behavior, looking after one another and remembering to ask questions like, "how do we feed the children"?

If we can do this with COVID-19, we can do this with climate change. We have the collective capacity to kiss the extraction economy—with its objectification of humans, other animals, and planet—goodbye.

Photo pixabay/dimitrisvetsikas1969.

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