Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Surgery Day

Today's the day! I check in for knee surgery at 1 pm and may be released as early as 6 pm. Thanks again to every reader, donor, dinner-bringer, and well-wisher who helped get me to this day.

One positive side effect of this injury has been that I've become a more careful steward of my financial health. Knowing that I'm not only facing big medical bills but also investing the hard-earned money of my beloved community in my recovery, I've been careful to watch every penny that leaves my wallet for any reason at all. It may take months or years, but with your support I believe I can emerge from this experience both physically AND financially healthy.

I started budgeting carefully about three years ago, but I fudged a bit. "Oh, I know I'm over budget but one dinner out won't kill us." "Oh, I know I don't have anything allocated to gifts this month but she would LOVE that." "Oh, one blueberry bush won't break the bank." Now, I'm proud to say that I have not spent one un-allocated cent in January, February, or March. Where I used to assume my tax refund could go toward my budgetary overruns from the 11 preceding months, now I assume it goes straight to medical bills. I feel I'm beside every person who's given to my medical fund, pulling this $13,000 weight together. I feel I have friends at my side, making the work more bearable.

I am in good spirits today and I am, as always, so very, very grateful.

With love and gratitude,

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